AI learning how to write

How to start to write your blog, email, social post or letter

Blank screen before you, fingers moving hesitantly towards the keys and, before you know it, your mind goes blank. Time for a cuppa and biscuit to steady the nerves before you start again.

It’s not just you: it was Ernest Hemmingway as well. When asked, the Nobel Prize winner said: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Well, yes, a bit extreme but we all know that feeling, do we not?

Which begs the question: with AI writing engines springing up like dragons’ teeth, do we need to write anything ourselves ever again?

Yes; yes we do. Absolutely we do. Why?

Because if we all ask AI the same question we’ll get the same answer, and it will be written in AI-speak, to an algorithm’s agenda, and not by us individually.

AI does not have access to your voice, your tone, your personality or you. Your inclinations, prejudices, your strengths, and all the endless pieces of the jigsaw that are uniquely you, will be missing. It might as well have been written by a machine working with anonymous predictive processes and an algorithm. Oh, hang on, it was.

In the same way that precious metals start as mined ore, so your writing is the raw material that you, and only you, can turn into pure gold by clever, clear and smart editing.

And yet, how to start, that remains the question. If you are properly stuck AI might be able to help. Ask your chosen AI search engine, any one will do they’re all the same, the most precise, most detailed, question you can, and what comes out is the raw ore mentioned earlier. That is what you have to edit and work into the precious product on which you can inscribe your own name.
For your own safety remember that AI is embedded in systems devised, designed and implemented by powerful tech firms. Often they are in thrall to vested political and financial interests about which we know nothing. This isn’t a bonkers conspiracy about lizards and cabals, it’s how the modern world has always worked. And this is why you need to identify bias, dishonesty and lack of fairness in machine-generated copy. That’s editing in other words..

Make it yours and AI’s certainly plagiarised, probably biased and definitely copied version will be nowhere; it will be invisible, erased and concealed by your voice, your tone, your personality. By you.

After you learn the basic writing tools, all of which are available on our website, you will have everything you need to write your blog, email, social post and letter with confidence. You will be able to edit all and any raw words mined from the web into your own.

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