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“Thank you for facilitating the Business Writing Academy special course recently carried out with our Brussels-based team.

I wondered how it would work with a class full of such a diverse group of people, including nationalities, language, age and gender. No need to fear because the outcome was a unanimous success.

The context is that Toyota Financial Services Europe contracted John Blauth and Business Writing Academy to provide online courses and coaching for our executives, all of whom are from different countries, with the unifying language being English. The aim was to help them be fluent and clear when communicating and writing, internally and externally.

We are very pleased that the courses have proved to be successful, and the personal skills of the participants have shown the value of the sessions to the corporation.”

– Dave Cussell | Director, Sales & Marketing Toyota Financial Services Europe & Africa Region


Agile Spray Response Ltd is an innovative and world leading company in the manufacture and supply of aerial spray dispersal equipment used to deal with oil spills at sea. 

One of our Industrial Placement students, an engineer in the penultimate year of their MSc in Aerospace Engineering, found the writing and communication elements of the job difficult and something of a challenge. 

We subscribed them to the full Business Writing Academy module course which caused two significant changes: first, we noted there was a swift improvement in their writing and communication skills and, as a parallel consequence, an equally swift increase in the level of confidence exhibited by the student. It was a win-win result, for both parties: Agile Spray Response and the student.

– Phil Cole MBA, CEO, Agile Spray Response Ltd

RVL Aviation is a specialist airline based at East Midlands Airport, operating across Passenger Charter, Air Freight, Incident Surveillance, digital terrain mapping for flood prevention. RVL Aviation is the contracted Maritime & Coastguard Agency airline for survey and the dispersal of maritime oil pollution.

For staff members who find some of the writing and comms requirements of their jobs tricky, we have an ongoing account with Business Writing Academy which we can tap into as required. We use the course modules as an integral part of staff CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and they are available to all team members who wish to take advantage of the facility and develop their communication skills. In practice we find the course modules are of benefit to the individuals concerned and the company as a whole. RVL Aviation is a member of the CBI and we are very much in tune with the CBI’s and Government’s drive for businesses to train school leavers and recent graduates in basic communication and writing skills.

– Dave Connor, MD, RVL Aviation Ltd

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