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Twelve online modules with lite or full certification options

Tailored to your needs

To enable you to achieve your desired outcome we are offering a ‘full’ or ‘lite’ version of the modules, either bought individually or in bundles of 3, 5 or 13. If you are you a Large OrganisationBusiness School or University looking for group and bespoke online writing course packages, contact us for more information.

Full version

The full version provides a final step on each module where you are able to submit an assignment to assess what you have learnt. Assignments are reviewed and marked by real professionals and a BCA certificate is issued on completion.

Lite version

The lite version offers the same content as the full version, without the final step of submitting an assignment or receiving certification. Perfect for boosting your skills in preparation for an interview, a new role or simply to enhance your skills for real world situations.

Essential FREE Writing Tips

Business Communication Academy has put together a simple guide to provide you with some key elements of writing so you can start to improve straight away and for FREE.