Cartoon of people sat around table in a meeting. Caption reads: "To make a long story short, what it all boils down to in the final analysis is that what you should take away from this is..."

Clear thinking equals clear writing

Talking, text messages and emails have their place in business communications, but writing it down brings clearer thinking, eliminates errors and ensures accurate communication, so says Bill Conerly for Forbes in ‘Writing helps business leaders think clearly’. “Clear thinking becomes clear writing: one can’t exist […]

Cartoon of a person making a presentation to three others. Caption reads: "I know not all of us are excited about the prospect of breaking down silos."

Avoid a cliché like the plague…

Copy that’s overloaded with clichés dilutes meaning for the reader. Some phrases may even evoke a groan, a sense of weariness or a resistance among your audience, whether customers, prospects or staff. At the least, your target audience will recognise its lack of originality, and […]

Cartoon with person sitting at a desk wearing a tie, another standing in front. Caption reads: "The right hand knows what the left is doing now. The problem is neither knows if they're coming or going."

Effective communication is key to success

The relationship a leader has with their team forges the success or otherwise of a business, writes Brandon Pena in his ‘Five tips for effective workplace communication’, for Entrepreneur. Communicating the requirements and goals of a company in an effective and constructive manner builds rapport […]