Business Writing Academy


Our Objectives

The Business Writing Academy team is here to improve, measurably, how you and your company communicate in writing so that you are understood across the whole world. Clear writing will prevent waste of your precious resources, in particular time. The prime benefits we deliver are effective results from your internal and external communication processes.

We are writers, journalists, editors and teachers.

Many years of experience with the creation and manipulation of words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs, plus punctuation, to produce clear, concise and effective communication that includes emails, blogs, reports, articles pitches, presentations and proposals. All employees, business managers and leaders in multi-nationals and SMEs need the skill to be able to draft and produce these.

Each module is designed to take students on a path to confident writing. There is an additional editing service available and we shall be by your side for as long as individuals or com[anies need us.

We are not driven by machines and all of our interactions are human-to-human. Machine-driven editing and teaching is governemed bytwo characters, 0 and 1. Business Writing Academy uses the whole alphabet. The rich history of the English language is at your disposal; what we do is help you to use it clearly and effectively so that you are understood by staff, by suppliers, by partners, by customers and by prospects.

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