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Our objectives

The Business Writing Academy team is here to improve, measurably, how you and your company communicate in writing so that you are understood across the whole world. Clear writing will prevent waste of your precious resources, in particular, time. The prime benefits we deliver are effective results from your internal and external communication processes.

Why choose BWA?

The CEO of American Airlines once said that if a passenger finds a coffee stain on a seatback tray table, the message is that the airline doesn’t service its aircraft properly. His point? Inattention to minor details hints at inattention to more critical issues.

It is the same with written communication. A company’s professional credibility is enhanced, or damaged by their ability or failure to communicate effectively using the written word. This is the same whether you use emails, texts, presentations, social media posts, letters, blogs, articles or documents.

Professionals who can speak articulately and persuasively, often let themselves down badly with their written communication. They lose the trust of others as a consequence. Writing remains long after speech is forgotten.

We are writers, journalists, editors and teachers

We have many years of experience with the creation and manipulation of words, sentences, paragraphs and punctuation, to produce clear and effective emails, blogs, reports, articles, pitches, presentations and proposals. All employees, business managers and leaders in multi-nationals and SMEs need the skills to draft and produce these.

Each module is designed to take students on a path to confident writing. There is an additional editing service available and we shall be by your side for as long as individuals or companies need us.

We are not driven by machines and all of our interactions are human-to-human. Machine-driven editing and teaching is governed by two characters, 0 and 1. Business Writing Academy uses the whole alphabet. The rich history of the English language is at your disposal; we help you to use it clearly and effectively so you are understood by staff, suppliers, partners, customers and prospects.

Meet the team

John Blauth


John is the founder of Business Writing Academy (BWA). He is a professional journalist and has been writing about business throughout his career. He is an experienced communication consultant, advising businesses about best practice with the written word. He mentors students about clear and effective writing, and career progression. ‘Everything starts with a script’ is one of his key guiding mantras.

Ann Neilson

Ann Neilson

Editor and production specialist

Ann is a highly experienced and qualified editor and production specialist, with a background including agency work on corporate newspapers, magazines, websites and the design and production of marketing collateral for companies and organisations. She is a meticulous text editor and an experienced project manager.


Alison Harmer

Copy editor and proof reader

Alison has worked on B2B communications, internal and external, for many sectors and in small, medium and large companies including national organisations and multinational corporations. She is an experienced copy editor and proof reader.



Tom Johnston

Tom Johnston

Journalist PR manager

Tom is an experienced former magazine journalist and press relations manager with a tested history of working in industry. He is a skilled writer, editor, journalist, publisher and PR person. His BWA role is to provide a writing and editing service for customers seeking a service beyond our writing modules.

Olivia Lucas


Olivia is an administrator without whose skills this business would cease to function. She manages a variety of tasks for BWA, efficiently, proactively and is a friendly support service for the business and our customers.


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