Why BWA?

We are writers, journalists, editors and teachers, bridging the gap between education and the workplace by offering online self-learning modules for real life situations.


What to expect

We get it! You don’t want to commit to buying a product unless you know exactly what you will be getting. It’s a bit tricky to show you our course content, but we can show you how they are structured. When you purchase a module or full course, you will gain access to your very own portal.

Course Portal

Your Portal

Your personal dashboard summarises all the modules you have access to and a percentage of completion. You can quickly see the progress you have made in all modules.

Online Writing Course

The Module Content

Each module has and introduction and step-by-step lessons to improve your skills. You can take your time to absorb the lessons and refer back to them at any time even after you have completed the module.

If you have chosen the full module, you will also have an assignment step at the end to submit your assignment for a real professional writer to review.

Course Progress Portal

Your Assignments

For full modules with assignments, your dashboard will show you the status of your assignment and any feedback received from the reviewer.Our reviewers are experts at writing and communicating and you will receive valuable feedback from a real person, not an algorithm!

Course Certificate

Your Certificate

For full modules with certification, you will receive a certificate as soon as the reviewer has approved and reviewed your assignment.


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Looking for group discounts?

If you are looking to improve your staff’s skills or are a university providing real life skills courses to get your students ready for the workplace, then contact us for more information on our group discounts and partnerships.