Build your business through writing

The way you write affects the way your company is perceived. Make the first impression the right impression.

As a startup or small business, your business growth rests on your ability to write well.

In fact, according to a UK study by RealBusiness, 59% of British consumers said that bad grammar or obvious spelling errors would stop them buying from a website as they would not trust the quality of the company’s service. 

Bad writing can quickly damage your reputation and hurt your business. 

There are a whole range of content forms that require good business writing skills, including:

  • Emails
  • Social media posts
  • Blog articles
  • Website content
  • And much more
And we can help with every type.

This business writing course is for you if:

  • You don’t have the budget to outsource content writing or you’re trying to save money
  • Your business is in a niche field so only you have the knowledge required to write about it
  • You want more control over your tone and content
  • You’re lacking the skills you need to write clearly, concisely and convincingly
  • Any combination of the above!

We can help your business write better

Our 12-module course will show you and your employees how to write clearly and professionally in a variety of business situations, including:

Emails and newsletters: Get the word out about your new products and services in an engaging tone that grabs attention and opens wallets.

Social media and blog posts: Learn to write persuasively and authoritatively about your business, stand out from the competition and win the respect and trust of your audiences.

Press releases and presentations: Wow potential clients with exciting and well written press releases and presentations that show off the best of your business and your products.

Why Us

How is our course different from the rest?

At Business Communication Academy, we’re not just selling you any course. We’re working with you to supercharge your writing ability and to help you achieve the best possible results. Here are some of the ways our course stands apart:

24/7 access to your course portal
Access your course portal at any time and keep track of your progress on your chosen modules.

No time limit or expiry
Work through modules at your own pace and refer back to them at any time, even after completion.

Submit assignments
Submit writing assignments at the end of modules to test out your new skills and get feedback on your work.

Real feedback
Marking and feedback from humans! Our markers are all highly experienced professional writers and editors. We never rely on robots to check your work.

When you complete a module and get approval from a reviewer you’ll receive a certificate showing your proficiency to display on your website.

Progress Report
View a summary report showing the progress of each student so you can reward those completing modules and encourage or provide support to others.

Does your organisation want to secure particular responses from customers, colleagues, staff, bosses and suppliers? Do you want your messages to be direct, on point and received as intended? Would you like to engage and persuade others? 

I assume that the answer to these is yes. This all sounds so obvious, doesn’t it? Yet organisation and individuals in business don’t usually invest in improving written skills and output. It’s a big missed opportunity.

The Business Communication Academy offers a suite of products that uplift written communications for all key situations, different platforms and channels and via the right approach, whether it’s crisp bullet points, storytelling or a very structured style. I can’t recommend it highly enough as a means of building competitive advantage.

Janet Moran, MD, The CV House

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However much your startup or small business has going for it, if you can’t write well you risk damaging your chances to grow and succeed. At the Business Communication Academy, we’re all about unlocking a company’s potential through writing, allowing you to communicate effectively with your clients, build trust and win hearts and minds.

Each module will take you on another step towards writing confidently and clearly and with additional editing services also available, we’ll be by your side to help you get the best possible results from your newsletters, blog, social posts and presentations.


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