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At every business school, college and university writing is an essential skill for all students. For your students the best possible start will be when they are equipped with the skill and ability to write and communicate clearly in English.

For success in each and every step of their further and higher education, students need to know how to communicate and write well.

When they approach graduation and enter the working world, this becomes even more important and a lack of communication and writing skills will seriously affect their ability to find a job.

Students often struggle with:

  • Academic writing and essays
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Structuring answers, explanations and assignments in a logical way
  • Writing persuasively and engagingly
  • Corresponding with others in a polite, clear and professional way
  • Communicating clearly

We will help your students achieve their full potential!

Our 12 module course is designed to cover everything your students need to improve their writing and communication skills to become confident and persuasive. After completing our course, students will be able to:

Write clear, well-structured essays, exam answers and assignments

College and university assignments can be overwhelming. If a student lacks confidence in their writing skills, this can make assignments doubly daunting. Our course will help students structure and communicate their ideas effectively, even when they’re up against deadlines and tight word limits.

Communicate efficiently with students and faculty members

If students are collaborating on a project or working with a supervisor, poor writing skills can make communication difficult. We teach your students how to communicate efficiently and constructively with each other.

Correspond professionally and politely with employers

When entering the world of work, students need to know how to make a good first impression. We’ll walk them through writing a great CV and cover letter to help them land their first job and progress in their career. 

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We believe that everyone can learn to write brilliantly. Each module will take your students on another step towards writing confidently and clearly, improving the quality of their work and in their future career prospects.

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