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Silicon Valley marketer and entrepreneur Ryan Holiday tells of how he gets hundreds of emails a day. Then someone sent him a personal, hand-written note on a postcard. He was so impressed that he stopped what he was doing, read it, and made sure he replied.

That’s the effect you’re after, to stand out from the crowd. A personalised business letter – not a generic sales letter – can have that effect. But, as with everything, we have to ask: why? Why write a business letter?

Because you wish someone in that organisation, that is, a particular person in that particular company, to know something specific about your company and its products or services. Note how focused it all has to be.

A letter that is sloppily laid out, which has obvious spelling mistakes or omissions, or which isn’t clear about its purpose, will look bad both on you and your company.

So, if you want to stand out for the right reasons, this course will ensure that, like that entrepreneur, the recipient will stop, read and reply.