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This course does rather take for granted that you know what a blog is. Do you know what the word means? It’s actually a contraction of the original ‘weblog’. And therein lies the clue.

It was originally a log, or diary item, hosted on a website. Now it has evolved to mean a short item on a website that is personal and usually has a purpose, a point, and a point of view. It isn’t a news item. It’s an opinion, whether that is discussing something that has happened in the news or explaining how a new product is going to work.

There are millions of blogs out there, so for a blog that will resonate at work, both with your own company and with its competitors, you must know how to stand out. More signal, less noise.

That means one subject, one tone of voice (yours) and a sharp focus on keeping everything tight and disciplined. Your readers’ time is valuable so do them the courtesy of not wasting it. If you gain their attention and tell them something interesting or important to them, they will come back for more.

This means a successful blog must be regular, and regularly on point. Writing a blog is long-haul, not short-haul, but the rewards can be well worth it, both personally and professionally. Here is how you do it.

On average, this module should take around one hour to read and absorb the lessons.