So you’re new to a company and looking forward to making a good impression. You’re keen to learn, ready to work and eager to please. There’s plenty to do.
But hold on a minute. This isn’t a one-way street. What can your new company do for you too?
New mobile phone? Sure. A laptop? Naturally. Oh, and there’s the staff canteen. Thanks, I’ll buy myself a sandwich.
But you want more than that. You want some training, because you’d like to brush up on areas where you are not feeling as confident as you’d like to be. Such as in written communications.
Comms is such an important part of today’s modern business world, enabling as it does for people to pass on information to others – and be understood – and to listen and disseminate what is communicated to them too.
It’s vital you keep up to speed with your spelling, grammar and general understanding of the English language and all its strange nuances. To communicate well is no easy task but it’s a great skill to have.
Demonstrate an ability to write well and express yourself clearly and concisely, and anyone reading your work (reports, emails, speeches, presentations) will believe that you can think clearly and accurately too. It instils confidence and respect from others.
But get it all wrong in the written word arena, and exactly the opposite happens. Uncertainty, misunderstanding, and even mistrust.
For employers, building good lines of communication enables them to gain the trust and respect of their workforce, ensuring everyone is working towards a common and clear goal and pulling in the same direction. It grows morale too. So if it’s important for the employer, why shouldn’t it be the same for the employee?
Writing and communicating well also adds a new string to your bow in terms of continual personal improvement. You will feel better about yourself – which will in turn reflect itself in your work. A winner then, for you and your employer.
Bosses like enthusiastic staff who want to get on. They would probably welcome a request from a worker for some coaching in written communications. Seeing as the whole of the business world, at home and abroad, relies on communications, how can a request to become more proficient at it, be viewed upon as anything less than sensible and forward-thinking?
Courses such as those offered by BWA address exactly these issues, and they’re precisely what you need.
All you have to do is communicate that to your new boss…
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