cartoon with a teach in front of a board with writing on it that reads: "Apostrophes contraction, possession, That is Tom's cat. Caption reads: "I'm still confused as to whether Tom or the cat is possessed, but either way this just got interesting."

The realisation that using the correct grammar is essential to strong communication has transformed communication skills training, writes Swati Rai for The Tribune.

Grammar usage is a crucial aspect of corporate communication. It is needed in all spheres of language learning and application, especially in business.

In spoken communication such as networking, online meetings, attending conferences, public speaking and other engagements, correct grammar is a must have. Emails and other business communications that are littered with errors in grammar can be misconstrued and appear off the mark. Apart from a breakdown in communication, there is also the fact that there are people who would consider your message poorly drafted and hurriedly concocted, affecting business prospects in some cases.

Grammar is integral to the appropriate and correct usage of English, but there are some concepts that form the backbone of correct and clear communication. A few basics that need to be brushed up on to keep your communications ambiguity free include using the right punctuation, correct verb usage, and avoiding misplaced modifiers. Clean grammar forms the backbone of a good communication and separates it from the average.

Source: The Tribune

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