We all learned many things from the recent lockdown period. Health, hygiene, masks, distance-keeping, vaccines, and lots more besides. But from a communications point of view there was a big coronavirus lesson: people can work remotely when maybe they had never experienced it before.

And, as the dust settles on that strange Covid-19 episode, employers and their staff can ask themselves the question: did we communicate well enough, or is there room for improvement? Especially as it looks like remote working will become a much more common part of our professional lives.

Communicating well and getting your thoughts, ideas and messages across clearly and effectively are vitally important in any business. And, if there was ever a good time for employers to invest in their staff’s ability to communicate well, this is it.

It’s not just Covid that’s gone viral – virtual meetings, social media posts, blogs and written messaging have all swelled and multiplied.

Good communicators are valuable assets in any company. Clear messaging keeps colleagues informed. It inspires people and makes them feel involved, builds relationships and teamwork. It creates understanding and helps ensure everyone is ‘pulling in the same direction’. And, outside of the business, it ensures customers are up to speed, informed, valued and, therefore, happy.

And with that better understanding, greater inclusion, enhanced customer service, superior learning and dialogue, come increased satisfaction, improved staff morale, greater output, and boosted reputations among customers and associates.

So much of all this stems from the simple process of better communication. Writing and speaking clearly and concisely says a lot about someone as a business owner as well as about someone who’s an employee of a business. The practice is broad and encompassing.

And courses such as those offered by BWA can walk managers and staff through the comms minefield – helping to improve boss-to-worker messaging as well as employees’ interactions with customers.

With a greater understanding of the written and spoken word, employees will feel more empowered to communicate regularly, and in a better way, while feeling valued because their learning has been invested in.

It’s a win-win all-round. And guess what? These courses can be accessed remotely – now there’s a good idea.

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