Dependable communication structures are essential for all businesses. The last thing a firm wants is to fail to communicate its position properly, says Grasshopper in its article 8 epic communication failures’. It’s easy to take communication for granted. Every day, we talk to colleagues, customers, family, and friends without thinking too much about our communication style. But this isn’t a good business strategy. Many companies, even the big ones, suffer when communication fails.

Communication failures happen when:

  • Companies don’t think about how their audience will perceive a marketing message or product.
  • Companies refuse to be transparent and explain what went wrong or make them right.
  • Companies don’t plan, offering promotions without an adequate system in place for dealing with volume.
  • Companies forget the reasons why customers return and change products without thinking about the ramifications.

Marketing and PR is tricky to get right. Even some of the biggest companies in the world send the wrong messages and pay the price when they upset customers. Think carefully about new products and services and how they affect your customers. If something goes wrong, take action before things get out of control. Be transparent, clear, and put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Do whatever it takes to make things right.

Be careful about how you pursue customer relations and acknowledge that even small mistakes can have major consequences.

Source: Grasshopper

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