How to Write a Company Newsletter

We often hear from HR managers and team leaders who are growing increasingly frustrated that new starters, recent graduates and school leavers lack the business writing skills required to communicate effectively in the workplace.

This is by no means the graduates’ fault, far from it, instead it is indicative of the current curriculum’s focus on writing long form essays and 10,000 word dissertations, which is in stark contrast to a societal shift towards communication online, via social media and smart-phones that requires only a few words or emojis. There is no longer a middle ground where young people can learn the essentials of communication that are required in the workplace, from writing an effective email to compelling sales pitches and everything in between.

iGen is the first generation to grow up fully immersed in technology which has many benefits, but also its fair share of downsides, one of which appears to be an inability to communicate effectively through the written word in a business context. The Business Writing Academy was born out of a desire from industry leaders and global brands to educate young professionals and improve their business writing skills.

Equipping the iGen generation with business writing skills

The iGen generation are adept at learning online, technology is an integral part of their daily lives and allows them to access information at any time, anywhere. The Business Writing Academy’s online courses allow this generation to learn business writing skills online in their own time. However, unlike other courses, they are not marked by a virtual program. Instead, we give our students access to real tutors, all of whom are professional writers, who will mark their assignments and provide them with expert feedback on their writing.

You can track the progress of your employees throughout the course in real time, with the help of our online dashboard. This allows you to monitor whether employees are keeping up with their business writing skills course and offer guidance or support when needed. It also enables you to recognise the achievements of your employees as they complete each module, culminating in a certificate that you can present to them in recognition of their efforts.

This essential course will teach your new starters, school leavers and graduates the business writing skills they need to succeed in the world of work, improving their communication across multiple disciplines and equipping them with the skills required to progress in their chosen career. It has the potential to transform your business, by turning your new starters into wordsmiths who can build bridges between departments, win new business and improve client relationships, all through the power of effective written communication.

Business writing skills for the real world

We teach graduates how to shed the bad habits that were required for academic success, after all, why use 1000 words when 100 will do. They will learn how to engage a reader with compelling language, explore how to incorporate storytelling into a presentation to deliver a memorable message and how to write succinctly and informatively across multiple channels and for a myriad of different purposes.

As C.S. Lewis once said, “you can make anything by writing” and when it comes to writing for business, this has never been more true. In the age of information overload, effective writing can break down barriers, build empires and inspire a reader to do anything. Empower your team with the business writing skills they need and you might be surprised at the results for your business.

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